Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, in partnership with Startup India Advisory Services, launches Milestone Makers India 

Free 12 week program for early-to-mid stage entrepreneurs. Apply to be part of this global nework of fellows.

Selected entrepreneurs receive individualized mentoring, training, and resources – dedicated to helping founders hit a critical business goal – all at no cost. 

Why we created this program:

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is committed to investing in individual entrepreneurs across the globe taking big risks to solve problems in new ways. That's why we created Milestone Makers, a way to help early-to-mid-stage founders set, hit, and celebrate milestones critical to company growth. The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, in partnership with Startup India Advisory Services, is proud to expand this program to a new ecosystem of entrepreneurs by launching Milestone Makers India in New Delhi in May 2017. 

Program Focus: 

Through our joint networks and expertise, we’ll work with up to 25 entrepreneurs on a custom learning path to help each selected founder define a critical business goal and accelerate their path to achieving it over a 12-week timeframe. Accepted entrepreneurs will be matched with a business coach and mentors, both in India and the US, who are leaders in their industry and can offer feedback and guidance to help these entrepreneurs realize their ambitious goals. 

Upon acceptance, the resources, we offer, including courses, will be customized to meet the founders’ needs and learning style. This three-month program helps elevate and amplify entrepreneur’s brands through exposure in the US market, and media and PR opportunities. 

Details and More Information:

Applications closed on March 31, 2017. 

The Center, in partnership with our corporate sponsors, is proud to make this a free program with a pay-it-forward philosophy. As a distinguished part of our community, Milestone Makers will return to teach, share, and nominate the next cohort of great leaders. 


Who should participate?

Early-to-mid-stage entrepreneurs of all industries and verticals looking to set and hit a critical business milestone in the next quarter. You’re committed to accomplishing this goal because it will have an important, positive effect for your company’s development and can dedicate a minimum of 5 hours a week to the program.

What is a milestone? Here’s the definition we’re using

A Milestone is your next important business goal that can be achieved in 12 weeks. If this goal is met, it should have an important positive effect on your business. Examples include: Launch a new product, get paid customers, make a key hire, secure next round of funding. 

What does the program offer? 

The program begins with access to the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center and Startup India Advisory Services' prestigious network, partners, and community, including professional resources offered by leading industry experts. This includes: 

Coach (professional coaching specially matched for you) 

Business mentors curated to your needs, aspirations, and definitions of success 

Community, a place to land and plug into a thriving innovation community in the heart of New Delhi 

Skills Assessment, a strengths finder to identify your key skills and gaps  

Training, recommendations for custom classes

Accountability check-ins and monthly working session as needed 

Network and resources through both Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center and Startup India Advisory Services 

Goal setting strategy and practice for this quarter and next 

Please contact Arjita Sethi of Startup India Advisory Services Pvt or Kelly Kronmiller, Program Manager of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center at with questions. 

About the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization designed to educate, innovate, and connect aspiring and current entrepreneurs. Established in 2014 with support from the Nasdaq Educational Foundation, the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center serves the entrepreneurial community through differentiated events, meaningful education, and a strong commitment to mentorship. 

About Startup India Advisory Services:

Startup India Advisory Services, is a New Delhi based company with a vision to help entrepreneurs who are working towards building impactful solutions that solve the most crucial problems. We are currently supporting entrepreneurs with the agriculture, medicine, biotechnology, AI, education, diversity, inclusion and other fields. We support these entrepreneurs through different ways. 

 1. Fellowships: Startup India Fellowship is created for people at the brink of entering into entrepreneurship. It is geared towards creating awareness and providing education to understand entrepreneurship.

 2. Mentorship: This is designed especially for entrepreneurs who need help with specific problems. We create a customized mentorship plan if you are looking for some specialized consultation. This could be in range of topics like Finance, Prototyping, Marketing, Business Plan, Pitch Coaching or Team and Culture development. We connect you with our network of experts within the field and make sure that your receive the help you need. 

 3. Partnerships: We partner with other organizations who align with our mission to provide any support that entrepreneurs in India would need. This could be in form of events, incubators, or other learning opportunities. 

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